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New course start in October 2021: A multicultural Welcome Day

On 4 October 2021, the new Intake of the Studienkolleg officially started with the Welcome Day at the Cologne campus of the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, which was exciting and eventful as always. Our new participants in Intake 10/2021 are distributed across the five focus areas M, T, T-ENG, W and W-ENG. Once again, different personalities with different backgrounds and stories come together, all of them pursuing the same goal: Studying in Germany!
The new group at the Studienkolleg NRW is particularly “multi-culti” this year: The participants come from over 20 nations. The USA, India and Morocco are particularly well represented this

“It’s another bright, colourful bunch,” said Danielle Etienne, director of the Studienkolleg NRW, who introduced the newcomers to the diverse topics that await them at the Studienkolleg in an entertaining manner, as well as moderating the get-to-know-you games.
The day began with a short introduction of the Studienkolleg team and a presentation by the director about the Studienkolleg. In subsequent get-to-know-you games, the Studienkolleg students introduced themselves by talking about themselves and their expectations and marking their place of origin on the world map.
After the lunch break, the individual focus courses continued with course-specific input and the technical introduction to the e-learning portals. The timetables are also always a little highlight.

As soon as the first shyness had passed, the exchange among each other was lively and the way for future friendships was prepared. A performance-oriented but also personal, familiar atmosphere with open ears, arms and office doors is very important to us at SK NRW!
Since not all participants were able to attend the Welcome Day in person for visa and entry reasons, the semester kick-off was held as a hybrid event. This meant that everyone who was still abroad could participate online and be there from Day 1.

Overall, it was an information-packed and exchange-rich day for the new participants and equally exciting for the SK NRW team. In addition to this kick-off, “our students” can expect further programme points and impressions during their time at the SK NRW.
In any case, we are looking forward to accompanying our new participants on their way and wish them a successful year!