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Summer excursion of the summer program 2020

On 07/28/2020, the collegiate students and the team from SK went on a little excursion together in Cologne. Since the beginning of the summer program in April, only online courses took place. But now the time had come and all participants, together with the team of the Studienkolleg, could catch up on the “getting to know each other” program.








In the morning, in beautiful, summery weather, everyone took a tour of Rodenkirchen and along the Rhine. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal together in the city center.

In a relaxed atmosphere, the participants talked about the culture of their home countries, the landscape in Germany, their time at the Studienkolleg and their plans for the future.

In the afternoon came the highlight: a game of bowling. It went down into a dark basement, but lit up with neon colors, which provided some cooling. Then the experienced bowlers, the “pros,” showed the inexperienced, the “freshman,” the proper technique. They learned from each other, cheered each other on and also competed a bit against each other. The participants, who played bowling for the first time, not only had fun but also performed well.

At the end of the trip, the students made plans for the next day: a barbecue in the park. Hopefully, despite the restrictions, they can get back to normal a bit during the lecture-free week and enjoy the hot summer time a bit.

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